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In the present community, there are community security, we can not do without security, security is a noble profession, he maintains the safety of the people in the region. It was because he had such a great responsibility that he had to abide by his own professional code of conduct, and that was the true accomplishment of his duty.
1. But all security guards, he must be able to go to work through rigorous training, if there is no training experience can not go to the post. Not only that, after participating in training as long as qualified personnel are qualified, if the training results are not qualified, then there is no way to work.
2. appearance is very important. As a security guard, it is not only to protect the security of the residential area or office buildings, but also to represent the facade. So as a security guard, not only to dress neatly, but also glow, in the execution of the operation of the time to concentrate, do not do any work unrelated to homework.
3. service attitude is also important. As a hospitality staff, security guards must be polite, pay attention to etiquette, can not adopt any unreasonable or belittling attitude to the public, so that users really enjoy the most sincere service attitude.
4. punctuality, not being absent at any time, should be done in any job position. If there is an emergency, the security guard has to make an early request to get out of the post.
5. sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility. As a security guard, you should know how to help users, calmly make judgments about emergencies, and take measures, so that you can really do a good job. To make an excellent security guard, we must be careful in training and grasp all kinds of skills.
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