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1, learning ability is the basic need to defend itself.
"Usually sweating, less bleeding in wartime" reduces casualties, and the ultimate good policy to protect them is to practice strong attack skills. This requires that security personnel in general to strengthen physical exercise, good physical fitness is a necessary condition for the suspect to compete, but also to master the enemy base skills. While improving physical fitness, it is difficult to master the enemy's basic skills, including techniques and tactics, baton technology, defense technology, first aid technology. Now, security service companies around the world have attacked enemy programs, capturing enemy tactics, capturing enemy strategies, and learning to maintain traditional ideas that protect their needs. Skills are in hand to panic and reduce bleeding in order to be in danger.
2, always have a sense of danger.
There is a certain risk of safety work. The security guard on duty should have a sense of danger at any time and the ability to know the danger, so that hidden dangers can be detected as early as possible. Only when the guard is ready for the crisis, can he adapt well. A critical state can be answered quickly to solve the danger.
3, beyond courage, there must be some stratagem.
When faced with danger, the security guard must be calm and resourceful. Appropriate responses should be made according to the situation. For example, a security guard on duty found several criminals committing crimes, if he rushed to fight with a person, rely on their own personal strength to stop crime, in terms of strength, this is almost impossible to win. In this case, security guards should use telephone or other means to report the case to the public security organs urgently, while their own secret tracking of suspects, do not let them escape. Security guards with security dogs must not be separated from dogs when they chase or track down suspects. When reinforcements arrive, they can assist the police to capture suspects in one fell swoop. This will not only avoid unnecessary harm, but also effectively combat crime and protect the lives and property of the country and the people from infringement.
Of course, every situation has its particularity.
In fact, many security personnel encounter situations do not allow you to have time to consult the report. Even so, on the one hand is the fastest alarm speed, on the other hand is in the complex wisdom of the situation, such as making full use of the surrounding terrain to protect their own battle to avoid the enemy's enemies. In actual combat, rapid shooting, maintaining stability, accuracy and ruthlessness, and striving to seize the enemy first are effective ways to protect the masses to the greatest extent and win the support and help of the masses. In the criminal suspects, remember not to be taken away by victory, must be vigilant, to prevent the use of suspects in the counter-attack hidden weapons clothes.
In practical work, some security personnel do not pay attention to the way to deal with improper small problems, eventually leading to major conflicts, resulting in unnecessary casualties. There are safety guards who are young and fit, impatient, often unable to say a few words, and then lead to controversy. In order to avoid the above situation, security personnel should strengthen the study of laws and regulations, improve legal awareness, improve working methods and strengthen their own cultivation.
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