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The development of security services in Liaocheng and the needs of life are actively developed in all directions. The requirements for our efforts and changes will continue to remain in the whole field. The ways of the security company's industry for the overall concept and theory will continue to be maintained in various kinds of progress.
There are many notices and requirements in the development of security services in Liaocheng. These are also a requirement to ensure stable and progressive development of enterprises in the market. Strengthening the association's own construction will further standardize the management work of the association and adapt to the requirements of the development of the situation.

1. expand the coverage of the association, face multiple ownership and actively develop the membership.
2. fully understand the nature and characteristics of the industry organizations, accelerate the improvement of the associations' construction, improve the internal management mechanism, and improve the organization's coordination and management capabilities.
3., while striving for accelerated development, we should also strengthen the strict examination of the applicants for admission, rather slow down the pace of development and ensure the purity of the association.
4. Liaocheng security services elaborated, further change work style, strengthen service awareness, improve work efficiency, give full play to the Association; standardize the behavior, reflect the demands, provide service functions, and focus more on the legal protection of the security industry and the legitimate rights and interests of the security practitioners.
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