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With the development of these years, the security industry has basically formed a set of effective management methods. But the development of the industry is not very mature, and there is no special management department, so the common problems in the management of security team still exist, and the existing management problems of security are mainly included in the following four categories:
First, the loss of the players. At present, the main reason for the loss of security personnel is the low status, low income and low quality of security guards. In addition, the loss of players caused by the lack of management can not be ignored.

Two, the quality of security service. Management is not in place, the factors that affect the quality of service in the team can not be effectively controlled, and the problems raised by customers can not be solved.
Three. The morale of the security team. Because of the biased and inadequate management, some of the players who should have been rewarded are not rewarded, and the people and things that are punished are not encouraged by the security team.
Four, the reputation of the security enterprise. If the Liaocheng security service company fails to fulfill the service promise well, it will cause a crisis of trust, resulting in the loss of customer units.
We will use excellent and appropriate services to enable customers to feel the warmth of affection, and always regard the safety of customers as if they are parents. We will use the natural advantages to create the uniqueness of the product, thus giving consumers the unique mood to enjoy the products.