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The first is physical training. For every qualified security guard, it is required to be able to do five kilometers long distance running, sit ups and push ups, stand up single legs and squat. In order to cope with the sudden situation in the jurisdiction area, it will also train a hundred meters explosive practice.
The next is the queue training, the content of the queue training mainly includes the posture of the security guards, the best state and the most spiritual face to face each of the people, the main thing is to stand upright, move in step and walk in step, walk the basic step training and salute posture, in order to improve the overall quality of the whole security forces.

In addition, the training of internal affairs, Liaocheng security company is mainly able to achieve rapid and efficient arrangement of their beds, quickly tidy up personal hygiene standards to meet the standard requirements is basically qualified.
In the end, every security guard has a clear understanding of the Constitution and the laws and regulations. If the security guards are unable to correctly distinguish things from black and white, they can not get the most basic performance. The Liaocheng security company studies every security training law and rules and regulations, and improves the theoretical accomplishment. Interpersonal ability to solve all kinds of problems that may arise.
We will use excellent and proper services to make customers feel the warmth of family and always regard the safety of customers as if they are like relatives. We will use the natural advantages to create the uniqueness of products, so as to give consumers the unique mood when enjoying products.