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保安服务: 包括保安门卫值勤服务、保安护卫和保安巡逻等服务。我公司根据政府机关、企业单位、物业小区、金融单位、高档宾馆饭店、购物商场、高档住宅区、工厂、各种临时活动的不同特点。
Security services: including security guards on duty service, security guards and security patrols. Our company has different characteristics according to government agencies, business units, property communities, financial institutions, high-end hotels, shopping malls, high-end residential areas, factories and various temporary activities.
Property security services: in residential areas, safety is closely related to people's life. With the continuous progress of the property marketization process, while the quality of residents living and living is improving, residents' requirements for property security work are also improving.
技术安防服务: 现代化安防监控工程是城市安全技术防范的另一项重要保障。公司可根据每个客户的不同需求,设计、施工、安装、保养与安防维护服务。
Technical security service: the modern security monitoring project is another important guarantee for the prevention of urban safety technology. According to the different needs of each customer, the company can design, construct, install, maintain and maintain the service of security and maintenance.
安全咨询服务 公司为机关团体、企业、事业单位、社会特定组织或个人提供有关保安或安全方面的问题解答、安全防范措施、安全制度规定,以及安防工程、家庭报警系统的安装、调试、使用等业务咨询活动.
Security Consultation Service Co as organizations, enterprises, institutions, social organizations or individuals to provide specific answers to questions, security system, security measures provisions relating to security or safety, and security engineering, home alarm system installation, debugging and application of business consulting activities.
Special services for large-scale activities, exhibitions, theatrical performances, sports competitions, enterprises, business executives and celebrities to provide high-level security services, provide full security programs, to ensure personal safety, ensure that the event is a success. For personal and group business escort, travel escort, guarantee your journey safety, business safety, family safety.
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