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A qualified security guard must have a strong sense of responsibility, work conscientiously and responsibly, be mentally excited, conscientiously and conscientiously abide by the contract, serve the customers actively, thoughtfully and enthusiastically, do his best to meet the needs of customers, and ensure the safety of client units. Liaocheng security service company is also eager to rescue and care for others in daily life and work. This is also a minimum social responsibility requirement for a citizen.
1, guard, guard, patrol, escort, bodyguard, crowd control, security, technology consulting and other security service tasks;
2. Implement security services by means of scientific and technological means and equipment;
3, we should report to the illegal and public security calamities which happen in the duty area, and timely report to the client units and local public security organs, take measures to control the expansion of the situation, protect the scene, and maintain the order of the scene.
4, implement anti-theft, fire prevention, explosion prevention, anti destruction and other public security disasters and other preventive measures, find safety hazards in duty area, report immediately to customer units, and assist in disposition.
5. The unlawful infringement of the security personnel in the area of duty should be stopped in time, and the unlawful acts should be dealt with by the public security organs or the relevant departments. Support and cooperate with public security organs and other law enforcement departments to carry out public affairs according to law.
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