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1、 根据聊城保安公司加盟的介绍,对于一些新入职的保安,他们对一些相关的器材并不是非常的熟悉,所以一些保安公司会对其进行一定的培训。在保安行业中需要经常使用的器材就是消防设备及其相关的防卫器材。
1, according to the introduction of Liaocheng security company, for some new security guards, they are not very familiar with some related equipment, so some security companies will do some training for them. The equipment that needs to be used frequently in the security industry is the fire-fighting equipment and its related defense equipment.
2、 熟悉相关法律政策。保安这个行业是常常跟一些犯罪分子进行战斗的一种工作,如果作为一名保安,连起码的法律政策都不了解的话,这是相当不利的。不要以为犯罪分子就不懂法,事实上,根据保安公司的研发发现,有的犯罪分子是精通法律法规的,所以他们就会专法律的空子。
2. Familiar with relevant laws and policies. Security industry is a kind of work that often fight with some criminals. If it's a security guard, even the smallest legal policy is not known, it's quite unfavourable. Do not think that criminals do not understand the law, in fact, according to research by security companies, some criminals are proficient in the laws and regulations, so they will be special legal loopholes.
3、 相关表达能力。这个地方指的相关表达能力,不但指书面表达能力,还是口语表达能力。保安公司告诉我们,相关表达能力是保安必须要具备的一种业务素质,比如说在平时的日常工作中,对一些可疑的人员好是做好一定的记录,在记录的过程中,可以重点记录这个可疑人员的外貌特征,另外还需要把可疑人员出现的时间地点记录清楚,并对可疑的地方进行适当的分析。
3, related expression ability. This place refers to the ability to express, not only in written and spoken language, but also in oral expression. The security company told us that the relevant expression ability is a kind of service quality security must have, for example, in everyday work, some of the suspicious personnel is to make the best record in the process of recording, you can focus on record appearance features of the suspicious personnel, in addition to the suspicious personnel the time of recording the location clearly, and make the appropriate analysis of suspicious areas.
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