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Security is to safeguard the public security, prevent the occurrence of personal accidents in the process of production, and to defend the public security work. Is due to business and social development under the new service name, in China called security, China known as the ancient scholar close Wei, such as BaoQingTian exhibition escort, and passenger transport property company.
Liaocheng security service company's traditional business scope mainly include guard, guard, patrol, business activities security service, armed escort, traffic wardens, special security services, security equipment, security consulting, marketing and the establishment of security system to undertake security engineering, social security services etc..
Liaocheng security services company in the context of the reform of the security service has been extended towards the community property, schools, large parking lot security, care, sea and other new services, security services enterprises will reference Internet cafes and other construction industry units, poison explosion and other dangerous goods distribution field, enterprises and institutions, schools, residential property, financial field, parking lot, safety, special protection dog, lock industry, security work, commercial large activities traffic wardens, scrap, pawn industry development, changing management ideas, broaden the area of services, has become more and more city industrialization strategy vigorously the development of security service industry.
Our company will abide by the principles of business reputation and equality and mutual benefit, and provide users with the best service and create more perfect works. We are willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to create prosperity.