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1, according to the requirements of the contract signed between the company and the customer and assume security tasks, responsible for the organization of good service, scientific arrangement of duty program, check the implementation of duty, if found empty class to adjust, do not leak, do not sleep, not Gang Gang gang.
2, timely convey the spirit of the higher authorities, and organize the relevant rules and regulations of the company, so that time, personnel and content will be implemented in three. It is required that the meeting be recorded, learning is registered, and the economy has accounts.
3, organize the whole class's political learning and business learning for security guards, learn Mandarin, improve the political awareness and professional level of security guards, grasp skills training and military training, improve the ability of independent work and duty level of security guards.
4, do a good job of legal education, so that all the security guards so knowing and law-abiding. We should do a good job in the education of discipline style and develop strict organizational discipline.
5, do well with the leaders and masses of the clients, coordinate the working relationship between the customer protection department and the security team, listen carefully to the customers' opinions and accept the guidance of the clients.
6, regularly to the relevant administrative departments, truthfully report the work class, team, find timely solutions to the problem, the problem in the bud; good praise to timely reporting; care Comrades life, where conditions permit, can help players to solve some practical difficulties; be familiar with the basic class, team, do ideological work, strengthen unity, complete the company to complete the task.
7, keep the relevant documents, office supplies, labor protection supplies and security equipment and so on to help the players learn and master the methods of operation and use of fire and alarm equipment.
8, the implementation and completion of the various temporary tasks issued by the company.
9, make a good record of attendance records and on duty records, report to the company on a monthly basis, and may not make a false report.
10, the class problem and important situation, report to the unit, the company timely, no delay, omission and concealment. And the innovation is high.
I believe that after reading the introduction of of Qingdao security company, we will have some understanding of this aspect. Later, we can solve some other problems well.