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Steps to develop performance management
Performance management for security missions is a piecemeal and cyclical process that can include the following fundamental steps:
The first step is to find out the results and stop ranking them according to their importance so as to give priority to the important and urgent results.
The second step is to analyze the causes of achievement, especially the secondary causes.
The third step is to formulate plans and measures for dealing with achievements, noting that the plans and measures should be close and have alternatives.
The fourth step is to elaborate on the implementation of organizational programs and measures. Managers of the corresponding departments in execution should go to the scene to understand and implement the situation, follow up the process management, record the status of task implementation, and formulate measures piecemeal in order to avoid repeated performance.
The fifth step is to reflect on the implementation of the programs and measures, and to find out and deal with the achievements in the implementation of the programs in a timely manner.
The sixth step is to stop the standardized disposal according to the requirements of management and service, that is, on the basis of summing up experience, to classify the successful experience and failure experience into the relevant norms, systems and standards of security tasks, to use experience and experience "two wealth" to carry out security tasks, to carry out experience, and to prevent the re-emergence of experience.
The first step is to transfer the achievements that have not been processed in the previous cycle due to immature conditions to the next cycle for continuous processing.
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