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Liaocheng Security Service Knowledge
Security guards should be familiar with the use of various fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers. Fire throat, alarm bell, flower sprinkler, sand bucket and so on. If you have any questions, you can interrogate the person who takes care of the equipment. All fire protection installations should be maintained by taking care of themselves at least once a year. Security guards should be more aware of the correct position of fire water intake and street wells in the building, and can quickly lead firefighters to use them when a fire breaks out.
Fire-fighting water conveyance equipment should be constantly introspected. If damaged, it should be repaired immediately. At the same time, the use of fire-fighting throat for other purposes must be stopped. To make residents know how to use fire protection equipment, notice, label and so on.
Every patrol should reflect on the rooftop. The front and rear public cables should be repaired immediately if they are damaged. Stop children playing with fire in public places. Households who wish to worship God are advised to light candles carefully and do their best to prevent them from extinguishing incense candles, clothes and paper in corridors. Smoke doors on all levels should be closed from time to time so as to avoid the spread of smoke and the spread of fires when fire alarms break out. If it is found that a household has smoke or a smell of fire, and no one opens the door, it should immediately report the "119" case and never break into the door without permission.
If it proves that the fire alarm has broken out, report the case by "119" and press the alarm bell to tell the residents to evacuate. In a safe situation, the residents are advised not to use the elevator to evacuate to a safe place by using fire extinguisher or fire throat. When reporting a case, it is necessary to clarify the site address, the name of the person reporting the case and the telephone number of the management office.
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