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Emergency disposal plan for security service elevator faults
Emergency disposal plan for elevator faults
1. Team members should inform the supervisor's guidance and monitoring center immediately when they receive praise or inspection reports and find that someone is trapped, and record the time when they find or receive reports and the time when they report to the monitoring center.
2. After receiving the report, the monitoring center will inform the trapped people to get in touch with the outside telephone and other tools as soon as possible, to comfort the trapped people to maintain calm, to clarify that the supervisor's guidance has been informed that they are trapped, and has taken active and ineffective measures, and to understand the number of people trapped in the elevator and the health situation. After receiving the report, record the time of receiving the report and the number of people trapped.
3. The monitoring center should confirm the floor status of the elevator as soon as possible, and inform the engineering department and the elevator company to go to the scene for reflection as soon as possible.
4. Security guards or managers will be on the scene as soon as possible to check whether the elevator door is obstructed by the object and not completely closed, and try to take measures to deal with it until the engineering department arrives.
5. If you can solve the problem, you should ask the public security for help according to the situation (if you ask the fire department for help, you should clarify the reason and condition of the help in detail to the firefighters).
6.监控中心记载好发现或接到报告的工夫.派队员到场的工夫.抢修公司到场的工夫.被困人员取得解困的工夫.电梯恢复正 常运转的工夫。
6. The monitoring center records the time of discovery or receipt of reports. The time of dispatching members to the scene. The time of rush repair company to the scene. The time of rescuing the trapped persons. The time of elevator returning to normal operation.
7. When the operator of the monitoring room receives the elevator emergency help signal, the following steps should be taken immediately:
Tell the elevator company and the engineering department to rush to the scene and rescue the stranded passengers in time:
When elevator rescue team members have not arrived at the scene, they should try to comfort the stranded passengers:
Use communication fragments, stop talking with stranded passengers every 5 minutes, and pay attention to the situation in the elevator, such as air circulation, the mood of stranded passengers, etc.
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