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Security should grasp the skills and skills
The competition of security affairs in the market is becoming more and more fierce, and many customer units have increasingly strict requirements for the operation of security guards. In my opinion, as a security guard at the bottom, in order to satisfy customers and reassure company leaders, besides having certain operational experience, he should also have the following abilities.
1. have the ability to investigate and discover problems. Security guards should first be clear about the security environment around their posts, carefully investigate and discover the potential safety hazards around their posts, adopt scientific and reasonable methods to deal with the existing problems, and have a foresight of the problems that may occur, so that when problems arise, they will not. It will make a mess.
2, it has the ability to deal with problems quickly. Security guards often encounter various emergencies and chaotic situations in the course of their duty. When dealing with and dealing with problems, they must deal with them calmly, discriminate and analyze them promptly and deal with them in an orderly manner. Appropriate methods and methods should be adopted to deal with them so as to ensure timely and effective control of all kinds of emergencies. In case of emergencies, we must report promptly, and we must not expand and intensify the opposition.
3, it is capable of independent and cooperative operations. Security guards must be able to work independently, be agile and decisive in dealing with all kinds of problems in their posts. When helping public security organs deal with emergencies or participate in large-scale defense activities, security guards should cooperate with each other, support each other, cooperate closely, strictly abide by the leadership and obey the command.
4., have strong will and self-control ability. In the chaotic working environment, security guards must have strong will and self-control ability, correct thinking attitude, consciously resist various temptations, and correctly establish their own world outlook, values and outlook on life.
In short, the security operation at the bottom is cumbersome, messy, strict, high standard and heavy responsibility, so the security guards must constantly enhance their ability to deal with various things in practice, in order to do their job better and better.
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