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How does Liaocheng security company do security work to defend the community?
How does the security company defend the community? Every security company has its own security operation system. In order to consolidate our enthusiasm, the security company also did a good job of defending the community. Several very important operations have been done in five aspects, including perfecting the system of examination, reward and punishment, carrying out the contractual responsibility of public security and prevention in an all-round way, standardizing the handling of the troops, advancing the essence of the security forces, handling the security operations together, increasing government investment to stabilize the security forces, establishing mobile detachments and advancing the emergency work. Dispose of talents.
1. co operation of security operations
The starting time of on-duty duty should be the same (including on-duty time), and the two-shift system should be implemented to improve the quality of work. For security attendance, check should be relatively common (including supervision), and the public security sub-bureau should draw up a scientific and feasible solution and implement joint treatment.
2., the government has increased investment and security forces.
It is very necessary to use market-oriented economic means to do a good job of security work, which is conducive to the security forces'stability, strength, responsibility, power and benefit. They restrict each other, encourage each other, start from the security forces, properly advance the treatment of security personnel, and arouse their enthusiasm and creativity in the work. Therefore, the government should increase investment. Now, 4 security guards have been deployed in each community to patrol duty at night.
3., establish a mobile unit, and deal with the emergency work.
Selected young, good health, summarized the essence of higher security personnel, through rigorous pre-job training, appropriate equipment, the establishment of mobile detachment, the establishment of rapid response to the mobile power, useful forward emergency response to the disposal of talent.
4., improve the system of checking rewards and punishments, and fully implement public security and contract responsibility.
Establish and improve a set of rules and regulations concerning security forces including inspection, supervision and verification. According to the general conditions of community planning, public security situation, personnel elements, etc., the key links are to focus on the safe community, public security prevention, control and issue cases, the satisfaction rate of the masses, and so on, to refine the operation norms and ensure the implementation of various operational measures.
5. standardize the handling of the troops, and advance the essence of the security forces.
Doing a good job in security and doing exercises is the first guarantee for advancing the essence and fighting capacity of the security forces. The primary community security personnel are in place. The public security sub-bureau should complete four security guards in each community according to the entreaty, and the village security guards should be in place according to the actual situation.
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