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The work ethic of security guards
Security company
1. be enthusiastic and be polite.
The purpose of security service industry is to serve the citizens wholeheartedly and the users wholeheartedly. It is also the primary guarantee that security service industry can win the promise and occupy the market under the condition of market economy.
2. scrupulously abide by social ethics
Security personnel, as a collective of society, should consciously abide by social ethics, no matter in their work posts or in daily social activities. Because social ethics is based on work ethics, work ethics is an extension of social ethics in all fields of work.
3., do not win.
Special security guards in security service operations require security personnel at all times. In any case, they must be free from their duties, strictly abide by operational discipline, extremely responsible for their operations, carefully implement the responsibilities of security personnel, in the operation of the interests of the state, the interests of citizens, the interests of the service unit as the most important, the key moment to be able to step forward, together with disturbance. Fighting against social order and damaging the interests of the state and citizens.
4., I love my homework and I am very careful.
The lofty work ethics and outstanding work accomplishment come from the security personnel's deep understanding and devotion to their own work, but also from the careful study of professional knowledge and hard work. It requires the security personnel to carry forward their professionalism, study carefully and study carefully, and carve out their work carefully.
5. clean and honest, clean and honest.
Security personnel, as a supplementary force to assist public security organs in protecting public order, should have a strong understanding of law-abiding and clean government. They should first and foremost abide by the rules and regulations of others and strictly abide by them. They should never exceed their powers to do things that do not fall within their own sphere of authority. Thieves should call for the capture of thieves and seek power. Corrupt practices. Corruption and bribery are not permitted by national laws.
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