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Introduction of operational responsibilities of workplace security personnel
In various business establishments, the security company's internal staff are required to take on the role of order protection in public places such as hotel lobbies, bars, meeting rooms, entertainment places, etc. They are required to check the incoming and outgoing persons with irregular documents or without a license, and to help the front desk to inquire about the situation in the future, based on the status of practice. The situation is processed. In the meantime, if there is no witness need to stay in the hotel, then the need to check out the situation in the future, fill out a form to the police station, after verification and agreement in the future, can be enough for them to organize accommodation.
Security staff are required to act as the security order in the dining area of the restaurant to ensure the personal safety and asset safety of the dining staff and workers in the area. Careful investigation of the dining area personnel situation, to avoid fighting, fighting, theft and other conditions. In this situation, the security personnel need to immediately forward obstruction, to avoid a serious situation, affecting the safety of other innocent people.
In the hotel management, the security company's staff needs to ensure the personal and industrial safety of the permanent customers, if there is a need, the need for permanent personnel information records, etc., to ensure that the permanent customers have no criminal record and purpose, which is also to ensure the safety of the entire nine o'clock household.
Security company staff need to help the Housekeeper on duty, as a good household safety and order, through inspection to avoid some fire, civil, criminal cases. When these emergencies occur, the need for security personnel to block such incidents for the first time becomes more severe, and other customers are properly dispersed to avoid further damage. Other things happen, the first time to tell the relevant departments to support, prevent the formation of greater damage.
In addition, security personnel also need to be targeted at the needs of key protection guests, such as stars, government personnel, business celebrities, etc., to carry out key security operations to ensure their personal safety.
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