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How does the Liaocheng security company handle doormen?
Gatekeeper responsibility:
1.严格执行公司考勤制度,担任职工出勤打卡办理,对迟到、早退人员进行挂号。 上班期间职工收支公司须持其主管领导签字的《上班时间收支证明》方可放行。
1. Strict implementation of the company attendance system, as staff attendance card processing, late, early departure personnel registration. During the working period, the employee income and expenditure company shall hold the Certificate of Income and Expenditure of Working Time signed by its supervisor before it is released.
2.担任对来访人员挂号,在招待单位或联系人赞同后方可准其入内,出门时应收回来访 回执条。
2. As a registered visitor, the visitor is allowed to enter after the approval of the hosting unit or contacts, and the visitor's return receipt should be withdrawn when going out.
3. prohibit children and unrelated personnel from entering the company, and the violator fines 50 yuan.
4.担任公司安全监控和消防监测设备的电视屏幕的监控及录像带的保管。发现情况,及 时告诉巡查人员到现场查看。
4. monitor and monitor the TV screen of the company's safety monitoring and fire monitoring equipment. Find out the situation and tell the inspectors to check the scene in time.
5. conduct standards for foreign vehicles and guide them to designated addresses.
6.严格查看出厂人员和车辆所带物品,一切物品出公司必须要有相应办理部门出具的放 行条方可放行,私自放行罚款50元。给公司形成丢失的,按丢失价值的50%—100%进行补偿。
6. Strictly inspect the goods carried by the factory personnel and vehicles. All the goods must have a release slip issued by the corresponding department before they can be released. A fine of 50 yuan is imposed for the privately released goods. Compensate the company for the loss of 50% - 100% of the lost value.
7. be responsible for receiving, transmitting and distributing newspapers, magazines and letters.
8. be the cleanliness of the company's gatehouse and gatekeeper's office.
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