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The connotation of security personnel's professional quality.
The professional qualities of security guards refer to the professional knowledge, skills and abilities of security guards, which are based on good EQ, IQ and adversity quotient, political theory, discipline and professional ethics, culture, science and technology, law, psychology and physical, military and etiquette qualities. The quality structure and contents of the comprehensive display and direct application in security business.
1. The improvement, exhibition, evaluation and assessment of the professional quality of security guards are based on whether they can meet the needs of China's reform and opening-up in the 21st century, the development of the market economy and the overall construction of a well-off society, and the security needs of our customers.
2. The professional quality of security guards is based on good EQ, IQ, adversity quotient, political theory, discipline, professional ethics, culture, science and technology, law, psychology, physical and military, etiquette quality. The professional quality of security guards is mainly composed of three parts: security professional knowledge, skills and abilities.
1. Major professional knowledge refers to the applied knowledge of the specific business aspects of security services, including the laws, regulations, regulations and instructions related to security services, as well as the policies and policies of the Party and the State; the basic knowledge of security operations and the operational knowledge of the scope of security services; and other management services crossing with security services. Knowledge and so on.
In addition, it also includes some business-related knowledge, such as the study and mastery of foreign-related laws, regulations and rules in Foreign Affairs Security services, the familiarity and understanding of foreign life characteristics, customs, styles and methods of handling affairs, thinking concepts, foreign language knowledge and so on.
2. Skills are the operational skills of security guards in the form of capturing, fighting, climbing, running, jumping, salvaging, rescue, shooting, driving and other operational, coherent and practical ways of action.
3. The psychological characteristics and external performance of security officers'abilities to perform various security duties and engage in other security services have a decisive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of their duties and engage in other security services.
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