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It is the responsibility of the security guards to disperse the orderly commanders and ensure the safety of the personnel when a fire occurs. In order to train such excellent security personnel, the security companies need to use their brains to find the skills to enable the security guards to grasp the common sense of fire prevention quickly. So what can security companies do to ensure that security guards quickly grasp the common sense of fire?
1. explain the common sense of fire with words close to life.
As far as the person in charge of the security company is concerned, when conducting fire control training for the security guards, it is necessary to explain the common sense of the causes of common fires, the remedies for initial fires, how to call the police for help, and how to arrange the escape and self-rescue of the personnel in accordance with the actual situation of fire control safety in each client unit, and in close and easy-to-understand language. The arrangement of fire self rescue and fire escape is introduced.
2. check common sense of fire
The intention of any training is to put the training content into practice. It is very important for security companies to grasp the fire common sense mentioned in the training. It's a good idea to have the trained security guards rehearse the process of using the hydrants correctly, or to conduct common sense fire checks.
3. arrange fire prevention knowledge contest
Many times, security guards will forget after learning the fire common sense, in the actual process of work in the fire can not fully exert their strength, if the security company can arrange a fire fighting competition after a period of time, so that security guards recall fire common sense and fire drills, so that You can remember common sense of fire and skilled use of fire prevention knowledge.
Conduct fire common sense check or arrange fire common sense contest, these are the methods that the security company thinks can let the security guard grasp fire common sense quickly, if you have any other good method, also can put forward proposition, help the security guard grasp fire common sense quickly.