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条 聊城保安公司提供保安服务应当与客户单位签订保安服务合同,明确规定服务的项目、内容以及双方的权利义务。保安服务合同终止后,保安服务公司应当将保安服务合同至少留存两年备查。
Article 1 the security service provided by the Liaocheng security company should sign a security service contract with the client unit to specify the items and contents of the service and the rights and obligations of the two parties. After the termination of the security service contract, the security service company shall keep the security service contract for at least two years for reference.
第二条 聊城保安公司设区的市级以上地方人民政府确定的关系国家安全、涉及国家秘密等治安保卫重点单位不得聘请外商独资、中外合资、中外合作的保安服务公司提供保安服务。
The second key units of national security and state secrets, which are determined by the local people's government above the municipal level of the Liaocheng security company, may not employ a foreign - funded, Sino foreign joint venture and Sino foreign cooperation security service company to provide security services.

第三条 保安服务公司派出保安员跨省、自治区、直辖市为客户单位提供保安服务的,应当向服务所在地设区的市级人民政府公安机关备案。备案应当提供保安服务公司的保安服务许可证和工商营业执照、保安服务合同、服务项目负责人和保安员的基本情况。
Third security service companies send security officers to provide security services for customer units across provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and shall put on record to the public security organs of the Municipal People's government at the site of the location of the service. The record shall provide the basic situation of the security service company's security service license and business business license, the security service contract, the person in charge of the service project and the security guard.
第四条 保安服务公司应当按照保安服务业服务标准提供规范的保安服务,保安服务公司派出的保安员应当遵守客户单位的有关规章制度。客户单位应当为保安员从事保安服务提供必要的条件和保障。
The fourth security service companies shall provide the standard security services in accordance with the service standards of the security services, and the security officers sent by the security service company shall abide by the relevant rules and regulations of the customer units. Client units shall provide necessary conditions and safeguards for security personnel to engage in security services.
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