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1. activity. This is the most remarkable feature of security patrols. In order to ensure the safety of customer units, security patrols often use walking or cycling ways to tour around the relevant places, locations and sections, so as to prevent various problems.
2. initiative. The patrol security service is a "active offensive" guard. By patrolling a certain range or region of the customer's unit, it finds the problem actively and eliminates the unsafe factors. The effect of patrolling is proportional to the sense of responsibility. The patrols are active, meticulous and conscientious in their patrols, and there are many opportunities to find a variety of suspicious circumstances.

3. maneuverability. Security patrols do not mechanically repeat movements, but choose and focus on the locations where public security is complex and prone to problems. 聊城安保服务公司在时间、空间、方式方法上据情而定,没有固定的条条框框,目的是要收到佳的巡逻效果,方式可以灵活多样。
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