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随着社会经济的发展,社会对安全的需求越来越重要,因此对保安的数量也随之增加。社会上出现了 一定数量的临时保安人员。作为保安人员必须掌握一定的必须技能,包括临时保安人员。聊城保安公司对于临时保安也有一定的要求。
With the development of society and economy, the demand for security is becoming more and more important, so the number of security is also increasing. There have been a certain number of temporary security personnel in the society. As a security personnel, it is necessary to master certain necessary skills, including temporary security personnel. The Liaocheng security company also has a certain requirement for the temporary security.
1、保安在执勤时,需要具有独当一面的工作能力,能迅速、果断处理岗 位上的各类问题。在协助有关执法部门处置突发事件时,保安要做到协同作战,互相支援,密切配合 ,严格服从领导、听从指挥。
1, security on duty, with the need to take charge as chief of working ability, can quickly and decisively deal with all kinds of problems on the job. In assisting the relevant law enforcement departments to deal with emergencies, security should be coordinated, mutually supportive, closely coordinated, strict obedience to leadership and obedience to command.
2、具有观察和发现问题的能力。首先要对周围的治安环境做到了如指掌,仔细观察和 发现岗位周围所存在的安全隐患,采取科学合理的方法解决所存在的问题。
2. The ability to observe and discover problems. First of all, we must know well about the surrounding public security environment, carefully observe and find potential safety hazards around the post, and take a scientific and reasonable way to solve the existing problems.
3、保安在复杂的工作环境中,一定要具有坚强的意志和行为自控能力, 端正思想态度,自觉抵制各种诱惑,正确树立自己的世界观、价值观、人生观。
3, security in complex working environment, we must have strong will and behavior self-control ability, correct attitude and attitude, consciously resist all kinds of temptations, correctly set up their world outlook, values and outlook on life.
4、具有快速解决问题的能力。遇到各种紧急情况和复杂场面,此时,一定 要从容应对,迅速判断分析和适时处理,确保各种突发事件得到及时、有效的控制。
4. The ability to solve problems quickly. Meet all kinds of emergencies and complex scenes, at this time, we must take time for rapid analysis and judgment, timely treatment, ensure all kinds of unexpected events are timely and effectively controlled.
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