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How does the airport security work? What is the daily duty? Liaocheng security guards to share with us.
1. Do a good job of public security management in the key area of the airport
There are many key areas in the airport, where pedestrians are not allowed to enter many areas. In those areas, people need to be supervised to prevent pedestrians from entering, thereby affecting the normal operation of airports.
Two, standardizing the behavior of the airport of Liaocheng security personnel
There will be more people going to and from the airport, and the airport is also an important traffic corridor. In order to avoid pedestrians doing not conducive to airport operation when they do not know, the security needs to regulate the behavior of pedestrians.
Three. Do a good job in security planning
1, security plan: every post in the airport needs to be well laid out to avoid blind spots that can not be detected by monitoring facilities.
The design of security system: 2, the airport area is relatively large, need to control point very much, if there is no prior detailed planning work, must not be able to do the next security work, so the security system design as the priority among priorities in the security plan.
3, security Security Advisor: Liaocheng security at the airport import and export, set up a good basic security advisor points, in order to bring convenience to customers.
4, VIP Escort: airport is an important traffic corridor, many important people will take the aircraft, and in this case, to maintain these people's safety, airport security personnel need to do basic safety maintenance work to ensure the safety of VIP guests.
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