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Task Method and Skills of Security Officers in Security Company
一、 大堂岗
1. Lobby Lounge
1、 查验出闸物品
1. Inspection of gate items
(1) 要迅速自动地走近用户,有礼貌地请用户出示物品放行条,反省物品放行条能否按要求填写,并经管理公司审批。
(1) To approach the user quickly and automatically, politely ask the user to show the item release slip, and reflect on whether the item release slip can be filled in as required, and be approved by the management company.
(2) 依照放行条上所列内容仔细核对每一件物品。
(2) Check each item carefully according to the contents listed in the release slip.
(3) 在任务条件允许的状况 下,尽能够协助用户包装或搬动出闸物品。
(3) Assist the user to pack or move out of the brake as much as possible under the permissible conditions of the task.
(4) 未办物品放行手续的用户,返公司补办手续时期,如要求代爲看守出闸物品,应问清楚能否宝贵物品。如属宝贵物品,不可随便看守;如非宝贵物品,可协助用户将物品放在大堂效劳台内或不显眼的中央,以增加用户因货物搬上搬下带来的费事与不满的心情。
(4) Users who fail to go through the formalities of releasing articles should return to the company to make up the formalities. If they want to take care of the gate articles on their behalf, they should ask whether they can get valuable articles. If it is a precious item, you should not take care of it casually; if it is not, you can help users put it in the lobby service desk or in the inconspicuous center, so as to increase the trouble and discontent caused by moving the goods up and down.
2、 非办公工夫出入注销
2. Cancellation of non-office hours
(1) 迅速起立,面带浅笑,礼貌地讯问用户。
(1) Stand up quickly with a smile on your face and ask the user politely.
(2) 站立并双手接递用户证件。
(2) Stand up and hand over the user's ID.
(3) 任务方便的状况下,帮用户按电梯。
(3) Help users press the elevator when the task is convenient.
(4) 多熟识楼层公司用户。熟识的用户,不需出示证件可参照先前注销的号码注销。
(4) Familiar with users of floor companies. Familiar users may cancel their certificates by referring to the number previously cancelled.
(5) 同一公司两位以上职员进入大厦时,至多注销两人;分开大厦时,可只注销其中一人,在备注栏内注明性别、人数。
(5) When two or more employees of the same company enter the building, at most two of them may be cancelled; when the building is separated, only one of them may be cancelled, indicating gender and number in the remarks column.
3、 用户无出入证或不配合注销,强行要求上楼层加班
3. Users who do not have access cards or do not cooperate with cancellation are forced to work overtime on the upper floors.
(1) 关于无出入证需返公司加班的用户,要与该公司紧急联络人联络,征求意见后确定。如紧急联络人赞同加班,由当值领班陪同上楼层,监视开锁入室后,告诉监控中心监控。
(1) Users who need to return to the company for overtime without access card should contact the company's emergency contact person and determine after seeking opinions. If the emergency liaison person agrees to work overtime, the supervisor on duty will accompany him to the upper floor. After the lock is unlocked, the supervisor will inform the supervisory control center.
(2) 对不配合注销强行上楼层加班的用户,要立刻告诉领班处置,并告诉监控中心录像,察看其能否有钥匙开门。如领班处置未果,可电话联络该公司紧急联络人,征求意见。遇到此种事情要忍受、抑制,不可与用户争持。
(2) Users who do not cooperate with cancellation of forced overtime on the upper floors should immediately inform the foreman of their disposal, and inform the monitoring center of video recording to see if they have keys to open the door. If the foreman fails to deal with the matter, he can contact the company's emergency contact person by telephone for advice. When encountering this kind of thing, we should endure and restrain it, and we should not contend with users.
4、 盘查可疑人员
4. Investigate Suspicious Personnel
(1) 擅长察颜观色,对不良状况要迅速做出反响。
(1) Be good at observing and observing beauty, and respond quickly to adverse conditions.
(2) 辨认推销员:推销员普通西装革履、手夹公文袋,袋内装有宣传广告纸,入大堂后喜欢公司水牌。关于此人应详细讯问,如确属推销员,应劝离大厦。
(2) Identify salesmen: salesmen wear ordinary suits, leather shoes, hand-clip official bag, which contains advertising paper. They like company brand when they enter the lobby. This person should be questioned in detail. If he is a salesman, he should be advised to leave the building.
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