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Security in Liaocheng: security responsibilities of gatekeeper
The term "gatekeeper security service" here refers to that the security service company dispatches security personnel according to the contract signed with the client unit to guard and verify the entry and exit doors of employees and foreign personnel and vehicles of the client unit in accordance with the laws and relevant regulations, so as to protect the internal of the client unit. Order, a security activity to ensure personal safety. If a customer does not employ or employ other personnel as guard, it does not belong to the guard security service, which is the primary difference between the guard security service and other ways of guard.
What is the duty of security guard?
In accordance with state decrees, regulations and the rules and regulations of customer units, the personnel, vehicles and goods loaded at the revenue and expenditure gate are inspected, verified and registered to prevent materials from being discarded and from losing confidentiality, confidentiality, non-legal personnel from being mixed into the interior, dangerous goods from being brought into the interior privately, and then to protect the interior of customer units. Safety order ensures the safety of people, money and goods.
1. To check the identity, certificates and articles of the personnel of the revenue and expenditure client units, register them, prevent the loss of materials, and control the outside unrelated personnel to enter the operation area.
2. Inspection of incoming and outgoing vehicles and materials to prevent dangerous goods such as inflammable and explosive goods from being transported into the unit without the consent of the customer unit, so as to ensure the safety of internal equipment and personnel, and prevent theft, theft and other material loss.
3. To dredge vehicles, organize irrelevant personnel, ensure that the gates are dredged in an orderly manner, prevent traffic congestion, rush in and out, resulting in disorder and incidents. In carrying out tasks, the internal and external staff gathered at the duty station should be promptly liaised with the production and business sectors or notified to the relevant personnel to come and entertain them after enquiring for their intentions, checking certificates and registering (referring to external staff); and the vending stalls or temporarily assembled people near the gate should be handled. They should be persuaded to mobilize them from the door to ensure that the duty area is clear and orderly.
4. When suspicious persons and matters are found, it is necessary to report to the leaders of the client units in time, liaise with the public security organs in time, and do cooperative work automatically.
5. The security guard on duty should inform the client unit of the hidden danger gap found in safety precautions in time, advocate and help to adopt useful measures to eliminate the hidden danger and obstruct the gap as soon as possible.
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