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The basic contents of security guard duty
What are the requirements of nursing?
1. If there is any person who violates the rules and wishes to enter the nursing policy forcibly, such as the personnel of the unit, should be politely discouraged. If the personnel from outside the Department should resolutely stop, do not listen to dissuasion, stop, forcibly intruding, should be sensitive to report the security arrangements of the unit to deal with, if necessary, should pay attention to the investigation and monitoring of their traces, to provide security arrangements.
2. In the case of foreign vehicles, unlicensed vehicles forcibly enter the care policy, the first sign of parking, if not obey the command of forcible intrusion should be recorded model, trademark, color and other features, sensitive unit security arrangements, if necessary, should pay attention to its whereabouts, but should pay attention to its own safety.
3. If a criminal suspect's current damage is discovered, the security guard shall immediately stop it by resolute means and transfer it to the security arrangement of the client unit or the public security organ. The scene shall be well protected together. If the injured person is to be rescued and protected.
4. In case of collision between employees or between employees and external personnel, the security guards should immediately console, prevent and report to the security arrangements of the unit in time to prevent the situation from spreading.
5. in case of fire, explosion and other calamity cases, the police shall be reported to the police immediately, and promptly told the customers to evacuate. Adopt active methods to prevent expansion of cases, help rescue injured persons, and do on-site protection work.
9. how are the suspicious items determined?
1. distinguish the time of the unknown items and the relevance of the surrounding items.
2. to investigate the appearance and identification of unknown articles.
3. distinguish whether the unknown object is voicing or not.
4. summarize and identify the damage of unknown goods to the policy area.
5. when necessary, special instruments are used for testing.
What are the scale of site protection?
The protection of the crime scene mainly includes: first, the public security case, the place where the criminal case occurs; second, the parties involved in the public security case; the route of the suspects entering and leaving the scene; third, the criminal suspects are prepared to break the law or cover up the illegal scene, and the illegal traces left by the criminal suspects. It is. Under normal circumstances, when delineating the scope of protection of the scene of a case, especially the scene of a criminal case, some scale should be appropriately expanded at the beginning to prevent the traces left by the offenders. If the illegal scene is in the rich downtown area, commercial area, traffic arteries, etc., the scale of site protection can be properly reduced to prevent the impact of normal operations and Japan, but can not allow unrelated personnel to enter the scene.
What is the method of indoor site protection?
Indoor site protection should close the doors and windows of the accident, and place personnel in the doorway to prevent unrelated personnel from entering the scene. When closing doors and windows, it is necessary to wear gloves to prevent direct contact with the hands, and to protect them when they are found in the courtyard or corridor outside the room.
What is the protection method of outdoor scene?
Outdoor scene has the vacancy in the hospital, street alleys, highways, railway transportation, mountain fields, forest roadside, ponds and lakes, etc. The following species are more common.
1. When the yard is protected on the spot, a high fence can be erected around the site, and the unrelated personnel can be blocked out of the field, and a guard can be sent to guide the unrelated personnel to walk around the scene.
2. The street scene should be around the scene with rope blocking method to block unrelated personnel outside the scene, and send guards to prevent unrelated personnel into the rope blocking, if it is a major traffic road, there must be a special person at the crossing to the scene to direct vehicles and pedestrians to bypass.
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