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Be a security guard.
We can't always be the first security company in our working days. Sometimes we can't get ahead of the others, even though we try to win, but we still miss the boat. Don't be discouraged, although there is no honor, but during the experience, but also our harvest, compared with that utilitarian, this indifferent attitude is more worthy of our love. It is believed that the accumulation of such experience, even if not made utilitarian vanity, will eventually bear a beautiful color and fruits.
Just like the ancient imperial examination, it was bitter and bitter. Countless students seize the few utilitarian, and eventually mostly come from the fun, fail and return, and some even can not bear the heart of the gap and never rise. But if you see through these, you will still be able to "end utilitarianism, free and unrestrained laugh at the sea." Like Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty, although he had won utilitarian honors, he finally looked down on utilitarian, abandoned his official position and went away. His famous works were mostly written for this moment. Is it not a kind of beauty to abandon the utilitarian freedom? A man should have patience, be able to control his mood properly, try not to let the depression and harmful mood burst out as far as possible, to achieve: win not arrogant, defeat not discouraged, do not put the joys and sorrows on his face, do not affect others and the collective mood, and then do a good job of leading the goat. Perseverance is tough, tough and strong. It is a leader's perseverance. If there is a lack of a factor in the character of perseverance is not perfect, can not be called with outstanding healthy perseverance quality. As a leader, it is necessary to work hard on perseverance, tenacity and fighting spirit, that is, to exercise oneself in decisiveness, patience and tenacity.
We want to look at the occupation of security, but this occupation has great potential for development.
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