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1. Liaocheng security service company must understand and master the operation and effectiveness of various security facilities in the building. For example: walkie talkie, alarm clock, password lock, closed-circuit television and so on. It is also necessary to make good use of various existing facilities so as not to reduce the anti-theft effect, especially the door must be closed, household entry and exit can be self burglarproof door key or password lock, visitors can use interphone. Strictly prohibit the opening of the gate to prevent the bad people from riding.

2. familiarity with housing, household name, age, family member occupation and telephone number should be familiar with the buildings. Such information must be kept confidential and shall not be leaked.
3. maintain close liaison with households to exchange views and exchange information on security issues.
4. the transfer of security information should be more timely, and the shift records should be kept in good order to ensure that the security personnel are highly vigilant.
5. the Liaocheng security service company stated that people without word sales were strictly prohibited from entering the building. In particular, officials who claim to be public servants or public agencies should check identity cards and documents. If there is any doubt, they should call the relevant authorities for enquiries.
6. politely ask any visitor who enters the building, register his ID card or work card. If there is any doubt, use the walkie talkie to contact the tenants concerned. If visitors are carrying suspicious items, they need to be more vigilant.
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