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First, Liaocheng security company solved the safety problem of the team. The method was too simple, rough and random. Although the original intention was good, it could not fundamentally solve the problem of safety. The result was counterproductive and led the team members to resist the psychology and do not follow the command. The only way is to use the science and use the science. At the same time, we should solve practical problems such as work, life and family in order to truly implement the system and reduce safety accidents.

Two. At present, the safety awareness of the new security guards is weak and lack of safety knowledge. Therefore, grass-roots cadres should actively organize new team members to learn safety business knowledge, let them grow out of safety knowledge, enhance their safety awareness, and no matter how it changes, the security situation will be vigilant and not relaxed at all times. Otherwise, the security personnel will inevitably be in a safe whirlpool. In.
Three, some of the teams are out of the way, and the personal security is not in accordance with their own strict requirements, and the team leader play hide and seek, psychological warfare, secretly violating the discipline. At this time, the commander should respond to sensitive information, through inquiries, observation, investigation and other means to accurately grasp the abnormal psychological state and behavior, timely discovery of the psychological state and behavior. To prevent the occurrence of all kinds of accidents.
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