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Liaocheng security service personnel etiquette standard is the code of conduct and guidelines of the civil service, including the specific provisions of the appearance, speech and deportment, the way of getting along with people; and require employees to have corresponding professional quality in the individual moral quality, cultural quality, parenting conscience etc.. The strict and standard service etiquette standard of Liaocheng security service can not only improve the work level of order maintenance personnel, but also highlight the overall service ability of the property company.
One, appearance
1、头发。发型美观大方, 头发干净没有头皮屑,梳理整齐,男士发前不过眉,发侧不过耳,发后不过领;不得染黑色以外颜色的头发,不准剃光头,不准留大鬓角,不准染发;女士不准披发。
1. Hair. Beautiful hair, clean hair without dandruff, hair neatly combed, but before the men's eyebrows, hair side but ears, hair but not dyed black collar; color outside the hair, not shaved head, are not allowed to stay in the temples, not Hair Coloring; not with ms..

2. Beard. Shave every day to keep the face clean.
3. Nails. Trim your nails regularly, keep clean, do not paint coloured nail polish, and nail no more fingertips.
4. Jewellery. No other jewelry should be worn except for wedding rings and watches.
5, makeup. Keep the face clean, no tattoos; lady makeup.
Two. Instrument
1, wearing a uniform, neat, no wrinkles, broken or missing buttons are not allowed to wear uniforms, clothing color should be consistent, not dressed, smart, sleeves.
2, buttoned buttoned, collar and cuffs may reveal individual clothing, underwear hem not exposed, uniforms may hang medals, pen and other personal items, heavy items shall be installed in the pocket, clothing styles are not allowed to change.
3, uniform according to season can be divided into winter, summer and spring and autumn clothing, should be matched to wear uniforms, different uniforms can not be mixed, and can not be mixed with casual clothes.
4, in winter, when the overcoat is made, the armed belt is ligation, and the specific requirements are in the same way.
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