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No matter what we do, we should abide by the law and abide by the law and do something illegal. Especially when security personnel perform security services, there are many things that can not be implemented. Liaocheng security service company for you to introduce.
During the period of security service, a series of violent techniques such as detention, bundling and closing can not be restricted to citizens. That is, personal freedom is limited and can not be contacted with other people. This is a kind of temporary deprivation of personal liberty. This is a violation of the law.
It is stipulated that, in addition to the relevant state institutions, it can be implemented within the prescribed limits of authority, and other structures are not allowed to carry out the rights of personal freedom to control citizens. So when the security personnel service can not implement some illegal things, if there is a suspicious person, the security personnel can alarm, let the police according to law, if a suspicious person commits a crime, the security personnel have the right to be subdued by the police.
Security personnel must develop good habits, can not abuse or assault, this is illegal behavior, our country requires that each person from birth will be protected by law, so when you perform security services can not abuse or assault, during the execution of the security services have many matters to follow, so the implementation of security within the law.
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