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1, justifiable defense can ensure that we effectively perform our duties and actively fight against illegal acts.
The justifiable defense stipulated in the criminal law is not only a legitimate right, but also a legal obligation for our country and society. It is a glorious act and protected by law.
We in the security work, when the public interest, I or other people's legitimate rights and interests of the illegal violation, can defend as a weapon to exclude illegal infringement, to ensure that our units and other people's legitimate rights and interests are not violated, so as to effectively protect national, collective and the interests of the people, we should try to duty.
2, justifiable defense can play a role in preventing illegal crimes and ensuring social stability.
According to the provisions of justifiable defense, any citizen in the process of justifiable defense, does harm to the person or property in violation of law according to law, and does not bear legal liability. This makes the rebel or dare to defy the molecular fear, it did not dare to have a deterrent, or easily harm the social activities, so as to prevent and reduce crime effect.
3, justifiable defense is beneficial to the improvement of our legal consciousness and the conscious maintenance of the socialist legal system.
Self defense, on the one hand, encourages citizens to fight against illegal activities. On the one hand, it also requires citizens to strictly comply with the conditions of justifiable defense, prevent feelings and abuse defensive rights, and exceed the limits of justifiable defense, so as to destroy socialist legal system.
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