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I. Fully Understanding the Meaning of Ideological and Political Education Operations
"Ideological and political work is the lifeline of economic work and all other work". It is a powerful guarantee in thinking, arrangement, style and so on to become a strong and large enterprise. For the meaning of Ideological and political work, this paper tries to start from the common perspective of the current security service industry, and discusses the following "three needs".
1. It is the need to build city windows and enhance professional image.
2. It is the demand of shaping enterprise brand image and cultivating center competitiveness.
3. It is the need to care for "the most beloved person", train excellent staff and team members.
II. Actively Explore the Contents and Methods of Modern Security Service Enterprises'Ideological and Political Work
Security guards are faced with all kinds of lures in the flower world every day in their posts. How can we make our security team members qualified in thinking, strong in style and skilled in business "under the neon light of the guards", and how can we make all our enterprise teams become "good eight companies on Nanjing Road"? This requires our security service enterprises to actively explore the content and methods of thinking and political operation of modern security service industry. Therefore, as managers, we should improve the effectiveness of thinking and political work, pay attention to caring for the members'days, solve the practical difficulties in their work and days. In terms of days, we should care about the members' warmth and coldness, do solid things for the members, cultivate the feelings between managers and members, improve the prestige of managers, and enhance the persuasion and Inspiration of thinking education. Power.
3. Innovative Carrier and Aggregate Motivation
The construction of staff in security service enterprises should not be dull and tedious. It can also be diverse and lively. As a modern enterprise, with a healthy and excellent corporate culture, we can create a positive atmosphere. There are also many enterprises in the management of some elements into the family. For example: send a card on your birthday, a blessing or a greeting message on the festival, invite the whole staff to have a big meal when the New Year comes, and so on. Some enterprises arrange various keynote speeches according to their business contents, seasonal characteristics and key assignments. Some enterprises also use the existing network resources to open up a digital platform for ideological and political education assignments and so on.
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