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What are the requirements of security in Liaocheng
Liaocheng Security Company must have other conditions when it is set up and established, such as legal business scope, conforming to market demand and auditing by industry authorities, etc. However, the above four conditions are the most fundamental conditions, without which even the request to form an enterprise can not be stopped.
it is necessary to have a fixed place of operation and necessary equipment.
The so-called fixed operating place refers to the temporary fluctuation of the security company to engage in security services business and security operations of the place and venue, secondary to the security company's detailed location, office space, security personnel's residence and training venues. If it touches on the operation of security equipment, it must also have a place or market for commodity display.
there must be a certain number of managers, security personnel and professional and technical personnel.
Secondly, managers refer to the directors, business personnel and other middle-level guidance and clerks of security companies; secondly, security personnel refer to those who indirectly engage in security business and perform security duties and obligations, such as security guards, security inspectors, security guards and security escorts; secondly, professional and technical personnel refer to security equipment engaged in security technical prevention. Installation personnel and security technology piecemeal engineers.
it is necessary to have the ability to independently undertake civil liability according to law.
According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, civil liability refers to the legal obligations that should be undertaken in civil law, including the common civil obligations, torts or obligations of compensation formed by the non-implementation of creditor's rights, etc. Furthermore, civil liability is an independent legal system and an important part of China's civil law. It is an important manifestation of safeguarding China's socialist Jiangyin galvanized steel belt wealth system and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in a legal manner.
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