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What are the detailed duties of security guards?
With the rapid development of China's security industry, security plays an increasingly important role in helping the people's police maintain public order.
Security guards have the following duties:
(1) Implementing security service obligations such as guards, guards, patrols, escorts, escorts, crowd control, technical preparedness, and security enquiries;
(2) Applying scientific and technological skills and equipment to perform security service obligations;
(3) In case of unlawful damage and public security disasters occurring in the duty area, timely reports shall be made to the client units and the public security organs in the field, and measures shall be taken to control the expansion of the situation, maintain the scene and maintain the sequence of the scene.
(4) Implement preventive measures against theft, fire, explosion, destruction and other public security disasters and accidents, and find potential safety hazards in the area on duty, report immediately to the client units and assist in their disposal.
(5) The security guards shall stop the unlawful acts of damage occurring in the duty area in a timely manner and hand over the unlawful actors to the public security organs or relevant departments for disposal. Supporting and cooperating with public security organs and other law enforcement departments in carrying out their official duties according to law.
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