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China Special Security Service Dress Requirements
1. When wearing security guard's clothes, clothing such as cap badge, shoulder badge, arm badge and security service sign should be worn completely. The cap badge is worn in the middle of the cap; the shoulder badge is worn on the shoulder pocket of the garment; the arm badge is worn on the left arm of the jacket; the security service sign is worn on the right chest of the jacket; and the sign of the security practitioner is worn on the left chest of the jacket.
2. The security guards serving in casual clothes should wear the security service sign on the left chest of their jacket.
3. When serving on duty, members should be civilized, dignified and decent, and adhere to uniform and clean clothing. No smoking or drinking; no crooked wearing of security caps, clothes, open arms, sleeves, rolled trousers legs; no wearing and hanging of signs or articles related to the status of security guards or the performance of duties; no coloring of hair or jewelry; no male security guards shall have long hair, big sideburns, curls (except natural curls), shaved or bearded, and no female security guards. Security guards are not allowed to distribute, wear heavy makeup, intervene in armor and wear black pantyhose.
4. Staff clothes should not be mixed with casual clothes.
5. Members shall not wear security guard clothes unless they are on duty.
6. Personnel should wear security caps when dressing. When you need to take off your hat, you can hold it under your left armpit with your left hand (the top of the hat is facing outside, the badge is facing forward); you can put it on the left side of the front of the table (table) or on your left knee with your left hand (the top of the hat is up, the badge is facing forward). In offices and dormitories, security caps are hung on the clothes racks (the top of the cap is outward, the badge of the cap is downward), perhaps uniformly placed just above the bedclothes and bedclothes.
7. The above security guards should be uniform and dignified when they are on duty or going out on foot.
8. The security guard's clothes, security service signs, hat badges, shoulder badges, arm badges and other clothing should be protected and properly kept by the security guard. No gifts or loans shall be given to other persons, and no alteration or sale shall be made without authorization.
9. The installation time shall be determined by the security practitioners themselves according to the climatic conditions and task requirements of the locality.
10. The condition of dress, appearance and discipline should be monitored and reflected by the public security organ in the place where the security practitioner is located.
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