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Property security services
随着物业市场化进程的不时推进,广阔居民寓居生活质量不时进步的同时,居民对物业保安任务的要求也在不时的进步。 物业管理的目的是爲寓居区域内的业主和运用人提供和坚持平安.整洁.舒适的寓居环境,高效.优质的物业保安效劳是保证物业管理区域内良好公共次序的重要保证。因而,我公司与物业管理公司协作,担任物业管理中的平安护卫任务,合力发明一个平安舒适生活环境。
With the development of property market, the quality of life of vast residents has improved from time to time. At the same time, the residents'requirements for property security tasks have also improved from time to time. The purpose of property management is to provide safe, tidy, comfortable living environment, high efficiency and high quality property security service for owners and users in the residential area, which is an important guarantee to ensure a good public order in the property management area. Therefore, our company cooperates with property management companies to act as security guards in property management and jointly invent a safe and comfortable living environment.
Scope of service:
1. Strictly implement the safety management rules and regulations of customer units, and assist customer units to carefully carry out safety preparedness tasks such as fire prevention, theft-proof, prevention and control of security matters, prevention of natural disasters and accidents, so as to maintain the normal order of the protection areas.
2. Parking lot management: speed limit, no honking, driving in the regular direction, parking according to the designated position, adhere to channel dredging.
3. Entry and exit management: households enter by means of access cards issued by client units; visitors need to be accompanied by the head of the household or household remote control to open the door before entering; run business; engage in sales personnel to control the entry; households move or move out of large items, must hold the release strip with the guidance and consent of the property manager.
4. Patrol management: stop safe patrol on important parts of the air on the first floor; stop damage to public equipment, purify the environment and ground parabola; correct the results in time, report abnormal situations; do not enter each floor without the arrangement of customer units.
5. Pay attention to appearance, words and deeds, civilized, stingy, enthusiastic and considerate service; calm and calm when things happen, adhere to the criteria, clever and sensitive, establish a good abstraction of security tasks.
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