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What should security personnel pay attention to when they participate in safety check?
In order to protect public safety effectively, it has become an increasingly common and fundamental method and a fundamental public policy to conduct safety inspection in public places, public equipment, public transport and public activities where people gather. As a market-oriented force to protect social security, the scale and number of security companies participating in security inspection are increasing. Next, the new development security company will introduce what should be paid attention to when security personnel participate in safety inspection. In the security service, security guards can take the following measures to implement security responsibilities.
1. check the documents of the personnel in the area of income and expenditure, and register the vehicles and articles of income and expenditure;
2. carry out inspections, nursing, safety inspection and alarm monitoring in the service area.
3. Check the safety of people and their belongings at airports, stations and public places at wharfs to protect public order.
4. For aircraft, trains, ships, urban rail vehicles, public electric cars and other public transport vehicles, the operating units shall be equipped with security personnel and corresponding equipment and equipment in accordance with the rules to strengthen security inspection and protection.
5. the security guard should pay attention to the cooperation of the masses in security inspection and reduce conflicts.
4. Security guards should attach importance to the focus of public opinion, further improve the quality and efficiency of security viewing, conform to the standards and requirements of different types of security viewing, and stabilize the security viewing team to meet the growing demand for security viewing brought about by social development.
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